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Feels like drought already, doesn’t it?

Peterborough only got 16 mm of rainfall in May! The gardens, rain barrels, and farmers’ fields are so dry already. All the plants and critters, whether maintained in your yard or in the local natural areas all need more water. Including the birds. If you have active bird feeders (and we know many of you … Read more

Garden Tips: Bird Baths and Other Water Features

  “Water is the driving force of all nature.” ~ Leonardo da Vinci All life needs water. This summer has been extremely dry, which can make it challenging for birds and butterflies to find water for drinking and bathing. Adding a couple of water features to your yard is an easy way to help them … Read more

Garden Gate: Episode 144-Birdbaths

Providing birds with water is an important part of any garden. Both for drinking and for bathing. Birds are especially attracted to moving water, so if you can add a dripper, spraying hose or water wiggler, you`ll attract birds more quickly to the bath. In addition moving water prevents mosquitoes from laying their larvae in … Read more

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