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Garden Gate Episode 20 – Wasp traps and deterrents

Wasp be gone unitCHEX TV air date: Fri. Sept. 6th, 2013

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Wasps have been extra aggressive this year mostly due to lack of rain. Normally we get people into the shop looking for wasp traps and deterrents in August, but this year the requests began in June already!

We have a variety of options to deal with wasps including fake wasp nests to deter wasps from building new nests. Wasps are very territorial and if they see an existing nest they won’t build another within 200 feet of it.

We also carry wasp traps which attract and trap the wasps?and yellow jackets. These do not attract our beneficial bees! That’s a good thing. ?

Add some sweet liquid such as pop or sugar water to the traps and the wasps get up inside and can’t figure out how to get out eventually getting stuck in the sweet liquid. ?Hang them in a tree or place them on a table 10 to 15 feet away from where you sit outdoors. The trap will draw them away from you. Very wasp catcher?

Garden Gate: Episode 19 – Butterfly gardens at The Ecology Park

monarch-butterfly-cp-3649958CHEX TV air date: Fri. Aug. 23rd, 2013

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We visited The Ecology Park to talk with the manager Marcy Adzich about butterflies and how to build gardens for them and to attract them to your back yard. It was an eye opener! ?

This year we have seen very few butterflies and Kevin (CHEX TV camera man) had a really hard time finding ANY butterflies to film. ?There are a variety of reasons why we haven’t seen as many this year and we talk a little about that.

We can still plant gardens and provide water and nectar for them, in hopes that they will return and their population will increase again. ?


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