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Garden Gate: Episode 64 – Keeping mind and body active!

redpollsCHEX TV airdate: May 29th, 2015 On this episode of The Garden Gate I speak with Diana Primavesi from the Alzheimer’s Society. Over the years I have sold many bird feeders! ?People love to sit and watch the birds and see what new little guys will show up each year. ?I’ll get phone calls about new and exciting birds that are dropping in to resident backyards. ?My husband and I often sit on our back deck and can easily be amused for an hour by this bird in the tree, another on the feeder or something flitting about further back in the garden. It’s amazing how time flies when you watch these little movements. As people agcedar24 (1 of 1)e and they are less active, I often get customers?coming in to help amuse either themselves or a spouse/partner who is having health issues or even suffering from the early stages of dementia. ?It’s great to see a caring person?come in to set up a bird feeder to help occupy others who must?spend time either in bed or sitting at a window. ?The birds can keep your eyes and mind active. Which is a good thing! Diana will share some ideas and tips on staying active both in the garden or by the window watching the birds. ? Photos by Fred Jennings, Longlacred breasted nuthatch3

Garden Gate: Episode 63 – Providing water for the birds and butterfly’s

CHEX TV airdate: May 15th, 2015

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Bipuddlerds and Butterfly’s both need water either for drinking or for bathing. ?On this episode of The Garden Gate I show you a few options available, from bird baths, bird waterers and also butterfly feeders and baths.



We especially love the hand made pottery bird baths made by Quebec artist Marie-Joel Turgeon. ?Thbath in gardenese stunning works of art will look great either in your garden, on the lawn or in a large container garden.

The birds love them because they aren’t too deep as many other baths can be. Also very easy to clean.


Bird watererThe bird waterer is also a popular item. It can be hung on a shepherds hook, set on a stump or table or affixed to a 4X4 post.

Birds can either drink from the cups or jump right in and have a bath. ?It automatically refills from the blue coloured container to keep the cups full. The blue colour also helps to reduce algae growth. Customers (and birds) love this item!


Butterfly_3a (2)


Then we also have a few special items for the butterfly’s. ?We rarely have puddles in our yards for the butterfly’s anymore, so we need to find ways to provide water for them as well. We have butterfly drinkers, feeders and also houses!


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