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Garden Gate: Episode 178 – Peterborough’s “One of a kind” shop

Peterborough’s own “One of a kind show” Most of us love unique art and crafts, which is reflected by the ever-growing number of art and craft shows in Peterborough. While these shows can be fun, they’re limited in time and often involve working through large crowds in the hope of finding that certain something. Many … Read more

Garden Gate: Episode 177 – Suet and seed cylinders ( Nov. 8th, 2019)

Suet, hulled peanuts and hulled sunflower seeds have been formed into fun ornaments which are great gifts for the person in the family who says “I don’t need anything.” They get a little something to share with the birds. Suet and hulled seeds are also a great food source for birds in the winter. The … Read more

Reclaimed Print

Reclaimed Print is committed to offering quality artworks & home decor products using locally sourced & sustainable wood. They are proud to be 100% Canadian designed and made. We carry their wooden coasters with images of a fisherman, a hockey player, a lumberjack and a lumberjill. We have also had some custom images made into … Read more

Garden Gate: Episode 176 – Repairing bird feeders (Oct. 25th, 2019)

At The Avant-Garden Shop we carry a wide variety of bird feeders but the most popular and best quality are those from Brome, Droll Yankees and Aspects. These feeders are made from high quality materials that last a lifetime. The tubes are made from a special UV protected plastic that doesn’t yellow or crack. The … Read more

Garden Tips: Are your feeding efforts helping or harming birds?

Feeding birds can be a source of tremendous pleasure. Whether songbirds at a seed feeder, woodpeckers at suet cage, or ducks and geese by a pond, watching them eat what you offer is at the same time exciting and calming. As the weather gets colder, migrating and overwintering birds can certainly use the extra calories … Read more

Garden Gate: Episode 173 – Toronto graphic designer, Wendy Tancock (Sept. 13th, 2019)

  We love to celebrate Canadian artists and support them as much as possible. Wendy thinks it’s time to celebrate Canada…. from the province of Saskatchewan; *easiest province to draw* to The Canadian Flag; *hardest flag to draw*. She’s always on the lookout for new Canadian heroes and retro diners. We carry a variety of … Read more

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