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GARDEN GATE: Episode 258 – Attracting birds in the winter with heated bird baths (Jan 27, 2023)

Certain needs must be met to for any living creature to survive: food, water, and shelter from inclement weather and predators. These elements work together to form a critter’s habitat. No matter how ideal a habitat may appear to be in one or more of these areas, it will not be used by wildlife if … Read more

GARDEN GATE: Episode 257 The best suet for winter feeding (Jan 13, 2023)

In the colder months, suet and peanuts are excellent sources of fat for the birds. This helps to keep them warm during long cold winter nights. The suet attracts blue jays, woodpeckers, nuthatches, chickadees and other feathered friends. Our suet is super quality. There is no filler in it. Often times cornmeal is used to … Read more

Garden Gate: Episode 256-Bird seed for winter feeding (Dec 23, 2022)

Where you buy your bird seed really does matter. If you’re going to take the time to set up a bird feeding station or bird feeder, you want to use the best seed possible. Box store seed often contains a lot of filler. Seeds such as wheat and red milo are not eaten by birds … Read more

Garden Tips: Attracting birds to your yard in the winter

People often ask why they don’t have many backyard birds in the winter. Here, we explore some of the many reasons why this might be. Birds need food, water, and suitable habitat year-round. The more of these available in your yard, and the better quality they are, the more likely you are to attract more … Read more

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