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Garden Gate: Episode 144-Birdbaths

Providing birds with water is an important part of any garden. Both for drinking and for bathing. Birds are especially attracted to moving water, so if you can add a dripper, spraying hose or water wiggler, you`ll attract birds more quickly to the bath. In addition moving water prevents mosquitoes from laying their larvae in … Read more

Garden Gate: Episode 143 – Wear your hat! It’s hot out there! (July 6, 2018)

We carry a wide variety of hats. All made in Canada! UVA/UVB protection, fun, colourful and hey-you’ll look good! Mad Cap Hats, Tilley hats, Puffin gear, Lorainne Wake (BC), Sanibel (QC) and Flapjack hats for kids! Keep your head, ears and neck covered to protect from sunburn! Hat designs change regularly so we don’t normally … Read more

Garden Tips: Squirrels at Your Bird Feeder

Keeping squirrels away from feeders can be a constant effort. They eat a lot of seed, which makes maintaining your feeder more costly. They also dominate the feeder, scaring the birds we want to attract away. There’s another good reason to reduce squirrel and chipmunk access to your bird seed: they eat bird eggs and … Read more

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