The Avant-Garden Shop carries many unique garden tools and accessories to 5xGardenBanditWeederhelp make your work in the garden enjoyable.

We select quality tools that are going to last, including many which are stainless steel so they won’t rust and can be sharpened if necessary. The Garden Bandit (Made in Canada) is our most popular tool and makes weeding a breeze.

In addition to tools, we also carry a beautiful selection of gardening hats. All lines are Made in Canada and are stylish and yet functional; a popular item each summer.

Items available include garden tools, weeding tools, trowels, secateurs, watering cans, pruners, kneeling benches, expandable/telescoping rakes, gifts for gardeners, gardening gloves, hats for gardeners and many other gardening products.

Our name brand products include Felco pruners, Watson gloves, quality gardening tools including the Garden Bandit. Our hats  are from Mad Cap,  Sanibel and Tilley.

Drop by the store or check out our online store for product information.