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Evening Grosbeak & Purple Finch irruption 2022

A Spruce Budworm outbreak in northern areas meant a lot of food for Evening Grosbeaks and Purple Finches this year. That, coupled with a smaller mast (seed and nut) crop, means there are more individuals of these species than there is food to support them, so many will move father south than usual this winter … Read more

GARDEN GATE – Episode 251: Mailboxes and Address plaques (Oct 7, 2022)

Time to freshen up the outside of your home! We have beautiful quality mailboxes that really enhance the look of your home. Cast aluminum so they won’t rust. A great size to hold lots of mail and small parcels. Newspaper hooks included. There are a few styles and colours available as well as horizontal and … Read more

That’s great!

Did you know that Peterborough was certified by Nature Canada as a bird-friendly city last year? Bird Friendly Peterborough worked hard for this and provides resources to support us in supporting birds. Bird Friendly Peterborough recently held a contest to select Peterborough’s first official city bird, and the winner was recently announced… The Great Blue … Read more

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