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Garden Tips: It’s for the Birds (the Importance & Nuances of Bird Seed)

Seedy Business The majority of the contents in most bird seed mixes available at large stores is a blend of “fillers” that are low in nutritional value, such as wheat, red millet, and flax. The seeds in these bulk bags are often poorly cleaned, which leaves them dusty, and oils are then added to reduce … Read more

Garden Tips: Backyard Blues (Jays)

Many people who love feeding birds dislike Blue Jays, because they can be loud and aggressive. Although this is true, there’s so much to love about these intelligent and charismatic creatures! Jays are in the Corvid family, which includes ravens and crows. They are very intelligent, capable of problem solving and mimicking the calls of … Read more

Garden Tips: Supporting Birds in the Winter

Certain needs must be met to for any living creature to survive: food, water, and shelter from inclement weather and predators. These elements work together to form a critter’s habitat. No matter how ideal a habitat may appear to be in one or more of these areas, it will not be used by wildlife if even … Read more

Garden Tips: Birds, Birds, and More Birds! (Migration & Irruptions)

“Stock your bird feeders because many birds will have a difficult time finding natural foods this winter…” Fall migration is now well underway, and you may be noticing more birds and new species at your feeders. Many seed eaters, such as Dark-eyed Juncos and American Tree Sparrows move in for the winter as most insect-eating … Read more

Garden Gate: Episode 148 – Eco Friendly Solmate Socks

Solmate socks are super comfy but also very Eco-Friendly. The socks are made from recycled cotton, bits are reused and made into cup cozies, door mats and even puppets! Over the years the company has been successful enough that they purchased a local mill that was going to close. This preserved many jobs in the … Read more

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