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Garden Gate: Episode 211- Suet and peanuts for the birds (March 12th, 2021)

In the colder months, suet and peanuts are excellent sources of fat for the birds. This helps to keep them warm during long cold winter nights. Our peanut ring is one feeder that customers (and the birds) love! These can be filled with whole peanuts and also our perfectly sized suet balls (available in 6 … Read more

Garden Gate: Episode 210 -Eliminating Grackles and starlings (Feb. 26, 2021)

Once we hit March, the grackles and starlings are starting to show up at feeders again. They can be so annoying and will take over your bird feeders and scare away all the more appealing birds. On this episode I show you some different feeders, and seed that you can offer to help eliminate them … Read more

Birds, Windows, and Feeder Placement

It’s estimated that windows kill and injure more birds than any other human influence – about 1 billion birds annually in North America alone! Many of these window strikes happen at tall buildings in cities, especially during migration, but residential homes contribute to bird fatalities, as well. Research has identified several factors that contribute to … Read more

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