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More isn’t always better… birds and windows

Can you guess how many bird species have been documented in the Peterborough region? 307! With a blend of urban areas, lakes and rivers, agricultural fields, and forests, the Peterborough area encompasses a huge variety of habitats. On top of that, we sit in an area know as “The Land Between,” the transition zone between … Read more

GARDEN GATE: Episode 227 (Oct 22, 2021)

It’s that time of year again. Time to clean and set up your bird feeders! If you don’t feed all year then now is the time to get your feeders out again. It’s very important that the feeders are clean and that you use good quality fresh seed. And to get the most enjoyment from … Read more

GARDEN GATE: Episode 226-Canadian Made Wall Art (Oct 8, 2021)

Check out this super cute VW Van! Also known as a Westie (Westfalia). These vans are making a comeback! Just like our vintage trailer, these vintage Westies have almost a cult following! In addition to this piece we have many other stunning pieces of wall art and it’s all made in Canada! Super quality and … Read more

GARDEN GATE: Episode 225 – Beautiful fall themed soaps, napkins and art (Sept 24, 2021)

Fall is a beautiful time of year when all the colours of the leaves and flowers are so glorious. It’s also a great time of year to decorate with oranges, reds and yellows. Many of our napkins, flags, soaps etc. are these beautiful colours right now. Drop by to see our selection before the time … Read more

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