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Garden Gate: Episode 139 – Tips and Tricks to attract hummingbirds (May 11th, 2018)

On this episode of The Garden Gate I offer a few tips about hummingbirds and some tricks to help you attract them! A hummingbird flaps its wings up to 70 times per second; its heart rate can reach 1,260 beats per minute. Hummingbirds can extend their long, skinny tongues twice as far as the bill, which helps them reach nectar deep inside … Read more

Garden Gate: Episode 138 – Soap stone carving kits for children (April 27th, 2018)

How it all started!  Co-founder Oliver Harwood was asked to teach an elementary school class how to carve soapstone.  The first class was a hit and grew to 33 classes in the first year. In the last two years they have grown to teach more than 10,000 students in more than 300 schools.  They have … Read more

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