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Garden Gate: Episode 61 – Copper and other metals in the garden

Tree with birdCHEX TV airdate, April 17th, 2015 Click link to watch this video online. When you’re choosing art to put in your garden, it’s important to be aware of the quality and the material that is used to create the piece. ?Cheaper metals, cast iron etc. often rust or don’t last. It’s always worth investing a little more to start, so you are not disappointed later. In addition, you can see the difference in a quality item. The artist will take more time to form nicer images. Eyes won’t be cockeyed or strange colours, and edges will be smooth and have a finished look to them. We feel it is better to have fewer items in your garden that are higher quality. ?Too many pieces can often become “junky” looking and distract from the beauty of a garden. In this episode of The Garden Gate I show you a few options. I love copper, so I focus a bit more on why copper is great outdoors. In the spring and summer we tend to have our best selection of outdoor art, so be sure to drop by soon.

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