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Garden Gate: Episode 102 – Predator birds at your feeders (Drew Monkman guest)

CHEX TV airdate: Friday Nov. 11th, 2016. Watch this episode online by clicking link. Predator birds such as Sharp shinned hawks (Picture courtesy Gwen Forsyth), Barred Owls and Northern Shrikes have been known to visit bird feeders in our back yards (and they’re not after the bird food!) It can be very shocking to see … Read more

Garden Gate: Episode 101 – Migrating birds at the feeder (Drew Monkman guest)

CHEX TV airdate: Friday Oct. 28th between 5 and 5:30pm. Click link to watch this episode online. Now is the time to keep your bird feeders full of quality fresh bird food! Migrating birds are more apt to drop by and visit your feeders if they are clean and full. They may drop by for … Read more

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