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Jim and Lynn Dawe – Murals in Metal

Art has always been a passion for Jim Dawe, but he says he never did anything with his talent or drawings and had actually trained to be a sheet metal worker instead. Until one day, Jim and his wife Lynn decided to combine the two and started Murals in Metal in their backyard. The business … Read more

Garden Gate: Episode 162 – Grackles and Starlings Next to Squirrels, Grackles and Starlings are the most bothersome to backyard bird feeders.  They eat so much, come in large flocks and scare away the prettier birds like cardinals. During this episode of The Garden Gate I focus on types of seed and feeders that help to eliminate them from your garden and … Read more

Christine McGrath – Bibelot design

Bibelot Design Studio was started in 1994 by Christine McGrath and her husband Reid Maltby. They began by designing jewelry, but since have evolved into creating a line of fresh, modern home accents using glass, textiles and wood veneer. Each piece is handcrafted from start to finish with great attention to detail..  There are so many steps … Read more

Garden Gate: Episode 161 – Madoc Rocks and Quarry Cut designs

Father daughter team of Nick and Samantha Butts create both coasters and necklaces from the same locally sourced rock. Madoc Rocks is a family run business established in 2002. Their coasters are hand crafted with rock from the Madoc area, in Eastern Ontario. The unique patterns and colours in each coaster are an indication of … Read more

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