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Feels like drought already, doesn’t it?

Peterborough only got 16 mm of rainfall in May! The gardens, rain barrels, and farmers’ fields are so dry already. All the plants and critters, whether maintained in your yard or in the local natural areas all need more water.

Including the birds.

If you have active bird feeders (and we know many of you do, because the seed has literally been flying off the shelves for months!), you’re already aware of how much pleasure providing for and watching backyard birds can be.

You can enhance the experience for both yourself and them by providing water feature(s) that offer drinking and bathing opportunities.

Bird baths are a fantastic addition to the yard. They’re beautiful features in themselves, and there are few things more enjoyable than watching birds take a bath! We carry several bird baths with a surprising variety of options, including hanging, rail-top mounted, and heated for 4-season use. The Water Wiggler provides flowing water to attract birds and keep the water fresher, and it even comes with a solar-powered option!

It’s important to replace the water in bird baths often to keep it fresh, and to clean the bird bath at least once a week. A quick scrub with some mild biodegradable dish detergent and a rinse will do the trick.

By extension, this is a good time to remind you of how import it is to clean your feeders regularly, as well. Moisture from rain and humidity, plus urea from the birds using the feeder, quickly lead to molds in seeds and seed husks on the ground that can be dangerous for the birds. The nectars in hummingbird and oriole feeders ferment quickly, especially when it’s hot out, which can make these colourful gems sick. Check out our Garden Gate Episode on how to clean your feeders or this one produced by South Carolina Natural Resources.

Photo: Nancy Comtois

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