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Garden Gate: Episode 196-Using compressed seed cylinders (Aug 14th 2020)

A few years ago our bird food supplier created these marvelous seed cylinders. They are made with the same great quality bird seed that we receive fresh weekly from Millcreek seed company, located in Ontario. 2-3lbs of quality bird food is compressed into these seed cylinders. Birds such as woodpeckers, blue jays, nuthatches, chickadees, pileated … Read more

All that Glitters IS Gold

American Goldfinches are the latest-breeding songbird species in this area. They molt their feathers a second time in the summer, which is unusual for most bird species and leads to increasingly bright colours as the season progresses. Their song is a cheerful musical babbling, and their flight call – po-ta-to chip! po-ta-to chip! – is … Read more

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