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GARDEN GATE: Episode 292 – Feeders For Baltimore Orioles (May 10, 2024)

With spring comes the migration of the Baltimore orioles! These brightly coloured birds visit our area during their breeding season. They don’t stay very long, usually raising one brood then taking off some time in August. However short and sweet, they’re a treat to see and hear in our backyards. We have many different feeders … Read more

Why do hummingbirds hum?

May 1st(ish) typically heralds the springtime return of hummingbirds and orioles from their southern wintering grounds. They fly far and hard to get here and benefit from whatever energetic support they can get. If you don’t already have them or want more, we carry a nice selection of oriole and hummingbird feeders. Hummingbird feeder set-up … Read more

Garden Gate: Episode 164 – Hummingbirds & Orioles (May 10th, 2019)

Some people refer to hummingbirds (“hummers” to birdwatchers) as “winged jewels,’ which is no surprise, given their small size, the males’ brilliant iridescent colours, and the way they flit about. There are 5 hummingbird species in Canada, but only one, the Ruby-throated Hummingbird, in Ontario. Males have bright red throats, iridescent green backs, wings, and … Read more

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