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GARDEN GATE: Episode 257 The best suet for winter feeding (Jan 13, 2023)

In the colder months, suet and peanuts are excellent sources of fat for the birds. This helps to keep them warm during long cold winter nights. The suet attracts blue jays, woodpeckers, nuthatches, chickadees and other feathered friends. Our suet is super quality. There is no filler in it. Often times cornmeal is used to bind the suet together in cheap brands. But birds don’t like cornmeal so much and it can go moldy. Our suet does not contain corn meal…just good ground up peanuts and fat. We have a wide variety of suet cakes for all tastes. We dare you to compare our suet cakes to the competition! The birds go crazy for it. Our bird food including suet arrives fresh EVERY week.

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