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Garden Gate: Episode 256-Bird seed for winter feeding (Dec 23, 2022)

Where you buy your bird seed really does matter.

If you’re going to take the time to set up a bird feeding station or bird feeder, you want to use the best seed possible. Box store seed often contains a lot of filler. Seeds such as wheat and red milo are not eaten by birds so these seeds fall to the ground attracting rodents and making a mess under your feeders.

Our seed is full of seeds to attract a wide variety of birds to your garden. Our seasons woodland blend changes seasonally to feed birds what they need each season.

Hulled seeds such as peanuts of sunflower seeds have had their shells removed which makes it very easy and fast for the birds to get the fat and nutrition they need during our cold winters. There is also no shell mess left behind to clean up in the spring.

Birds love the hulled seeds! Black oil sunflower seed in the shell is always a popular seed for customers and birds alike. But did you know there are different grades of black oil sunflower seeds? When a crop is harvested, the lightweight seeds go to lower grade bags for box stores or bulk sales. Our seeds are high grade which means the kernels inside the shell are larger. Also there are fewer blanks (shell with no kernel), sticks and dust. Our seed is cleaned multiple times. Box stores can’t say that of their bird seed. If you’re fed up with dirty seeds then give ours a try.

We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. And we have a few extra offers for our customers. Whenever you pay cash, you get 5% back in bonus buck coupons to spend any time. And if you buy 12 bags of any particular size of bird seed, the 13th is free!

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