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Garden Gate: Episode 176 – Repairing bird feeders (Oct. 25th, 2019)

At The Avant-Garden Shop we carry a wide variety of bird feeders but the most popular and best quality are those from Brome, Droll Yankees and Aspects.

These feeders are made from high quality materials that last a lifetime. The tubes are made from a special UV protected plastic that doesn’t yellow or crack. The metal parts are rust resistant.

The tubes are chew proof so squirrels can’t get into the feeders and eventually give up trying.

BUT- in rare cases something goes wrong and your birds are not happy.

Because these feeders have lifetime warranties they can be fixed!

This is great for a number of reasons:
ONE-you don’t have to throw the feeder in the trash!
TWO-parts can be ordered to repair it.
THREE-WE do it for you! No need to ship the feeder back to the manufacturer…just bring it to the shop and we’ll fix it for you!

In most cases the work and parts are all free and covered under the warranty. In some situations such when its bear or raccoon damage, then parts can be purchased for minimal costs and we can repair it.

Our only request is that you bring the feeders in clean. Old seed and bird waste are not fun for us to deal with. Bird seed contaminated with bugs can in turn contaminate our seed supply in the shop.

So please take the feeder apart, clean everything in hot soapy water. Let dry. Then bring it to us. We can usually fix the feeder within a week assuming we have the parts in stock.

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