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Garden Gate: Episode 178 – Peterborough’s “One of a kind” shop

Peterborough’s own “One of a kind show” Most of us love unique art and crafts, which is reflected by the ever-growing number of art and craft shows in Peterborough. While these shows can be fun, they’re limited in time and often involve working through large crowds in the hope of finding that certain something. Many people have referred to our store as “The One-of-a-Kind Shop of Peterborough.” We’ve spent a lot of time looking for fun, funky, functional, and high-quality art and artisanal products, and we take pride in the breadth of our offering. We feature products from over 50 artists on our online store and carry even more than that in the shop. Most of our artisanal products are made by Canadian artists, including several from the Peterborough area. The artists highlighted below are only a tiny sample of what we have to offer. And we’re not a 1-or-2-day show: we’re open all year! You can certainly avoid the crowds by shopping online through Amazon; however, taking the time to support your local businesses during the holiday season will help us thrive and support year-round employment in the local economy. So, give yourself an hour to come on by and peruse the shop. We’d be happy to help and we’re sure you’ll find something you’ll love 🙂

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