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Garden Gate: Episode 142 – Artist William Boyd Fraser

William boyd fraser (bill) is a sculptor from Bethany, Ontario.

Bill has received Ontario arts council grants for his making and teaching. and has completed university education to the point of a master of arts in contemporary art history.

We’ve had a few different items in the shop from Bill with these beautiful birds being the most recent. Bill likes to change things up so his pieces are never the same. He’ll make one style of birds for an order and then play with different ideas and designs. Change is good! It makes life interesting! He’ll use weird little marbles or beads for the eyes of these birds to bring out the character of the real bird, such as in the crows.

Some of the birds like the crow, robin and blue bird articulate which encourages hands on play.

These birds are our newest addition and customers are loving them saying they really capture the essence of the birds. The cute little chickadee. The happy robin. The beautiful cardinal and the quirky crow or raven. The bluebird is lovely.

Check out this episode to learn more about these beautiful sculptures or visit our website to purchase.