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The Birds and the Beans

Bird Friendly Coffee If you’re wondering what coffee would taste like if it were Smithsonian approved, we can help you find out. We carry 340g bags of beans and ground coffee from Birds and Beans, all of which bear the gold seal stamp of the Smithsonian’s National Zoo & Conservation Biology Institute, the highest environmental … Read more

Attracting Hummingbirds and Orioles

  Sweets for the Sweet In May, we begin to see the arrival of hummingbirds, orioles and warblers. The beautiful but elusive warblers are generally happy within the safe cover of trees to provide a healthy diet of insects, but hummingbirds and orioles will come to gardens and feeders if we provide what they love … Read more

The American Robin

  Someone once described a day in the life of a robin as follows: Run, run, run, STOP. Run, run, run, STOP. Run, run, run, STOP. Run, run, run, STOP. There’s much contentment found in sitting quietly and watching robins. They’re keen worm finders, tilting their heads just so, to focus one eye on wormholes … Read more

Garden Tips: Supporting Birds during Migration

Spring migration amps up in April Many bird species return or pass through our region in April and May for the breeding season. Migration is extremely risky for birds: unpredictable weather, predators, window collisions, and food scarcity are all threats, never mind the raw physical exertion needed to fly continuously for hours at a time … Read more

Garden Tips: Fall migration’s on its way

As we move into fall, the birds begin their move for the winter. Although there are still plenty of American Goldfinch and Northern Cardinal young begging for food, most of this year’s hatchlings are now fully independent of mom and dad and are footloose and fancy free. As young disperse from their home base, the … Read more

Garden Tips: Birds, Birds, and More Birds! (Migration & Irruptions)

“Stock your bird feeders because many birds will have a difficult time finding natural foods this winter…” Fall migration is now well underway, and you may be noticing more birds and new species at your feeders. Many seed eaters, such as Dark-eyed Juncos and American Tree Sparrows move in for the winter as most insect-eating … Read more

Garden Tips: Fall Bird Feeding

Fall Feeder Fun! Fall migration has already begun for some bird species. As birds leave their northern breeding grounds to head south for the winter, the numbers of birds and species of birds that will pass through or arrive in this part of Ontario will increase quite a bit over the next month or two. … Read more

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