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Garden Gate: Episode 65 – Father’s Day gift ideas

CHEX TV airdate: June 12th 5-6pm Click link to watch this episode online. ? Men can be difficult to buy gifts for! ?But they work hard and deserve a little something on Father’s Day. ?On this episode of The Garden Gate, I do a quick run through of items that we have found to be popular in the shop. 1395080127_tmh55maleTilley hats, thermometers, Rain Gauges, fun steamwhistleBeer glasses or Beer soap! If he has a vegetable garden, our Telescoping weeder is perfect. ?Throw in a pair of gloves and you’re set! Wall panels and rustic sculptureOr if he’d rather have something fun to place in the garden, we have some metal Moose, Beavers and Bears! ?These pre-rusted pieces are made in BC and add fun and humour to the garden. Our Garden Gate segments are just 3 minutes long and are uploaded to our YouTube channel after airing on CHEX TV.

Garden Gate: Episode 46 – Liftlock community garden and the garden bandit!

CHEX air date: Sept. 19th, 2014 To watch this episode, click link here. Years ago it use to be very difficult for apartment dwellers to find a spot to create a little garden plot! ?But thanks to years of hard work and lots of great volunteers, there are numerous places where you can plant a few seeds. Jillian Bishop of the Community gardening network is the woman you need to contact if you’d like to find out more! I recently visited with Jillian at one of these gardens located near the Liftlocks! ?It’s great to see this land producing food. ?When they started the garden a few years ago they were thrilled to find the BEST soil. Over the years waterways staff had pulled loads and loads of weeds out of the water which decomposed where the garden plots are now located creating wonderful rich soil! While I was there, we decided to try out some weeding tools that we?carry at The Avant-Garden Shop. ?We’ve been selling them since the day the store opened. We have sold 1000’s. They’ve been featured in Fine Gardening magazine and are a BIG hit. ?The Garden Bandit and the Telescoping weeders make weeding so easy. They are simple looking tools. But sometimes simple is better! ?Jillian was even able to weed her garden in her heels and dress! ?Check it out on an upcoming episode of The Garden Gate (Sept. 19th, 2014). The Garden Gate appears bi-weekly on The New CHEX Daily between 5 and 6pm on CHEX-TV.

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