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Garden Gate: Episode 57 – OWLS!

CHEX TV airdate: Friday Feb. 20, 2015, 5pm Click link to view this episode. For the last couple of years a high number of owls have been spotted in our region. Especially snowy owls. They are so beautiful and exciting to see! I haven’t seen a snowy owl myself but was fortunate enough to have a visit from a very large Barred owl! Right in my backyard.DSC_0693 On this episode I speak with Walter Wehtje, a biologist and instructor at Trent University about owl sightings and migrations habitats. ?Walter highlights one of his favourite websites to track the owls.?? The project “Snow storm” began with the historic snowy owl irruption of 2013-14, and is a continuing effort to learn about these majestic raptors. On March 6th, join Walter and I as we discuss migration habits of other birds!

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