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Tanya Fowlds – Practical design cooling ties

Heat Guard
Established in 1998, Tanya Fowlds has established a very successful business in B.C.
Here slogan is “Practical Design – Home of the original Heat Guard Cooling Tie. Manufacturing personal cooling products for people and pets since 1998!”
These cooling ties are soaked in water for 20-30 minutes. During that time the special crystals inside the tie swell up and absorb the water. The heat guard stays cool through the process of evaporation. Because people wear them around their neck or forehead the blood going through the main artery is cooled and then travels to the rest of the body thus cooling the core body temperature.  The ties cool you down faster and keep you cool longer.
Practical Design, Inc. is a Canadian owned and operated business located in Surrey, BC, Canada. All products are “Hand Made in Canada”