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Flight or Fight: The Challenges Facing Birds in Spring

  The Problem with the Flight As our migratory birds return to spring habitats, it’s a wonderful time to watch behaviours specific to this time of year. Many species migrate in large flocks, but once they arrive, their mating displays and territorial behaviours kick in. They chase or are chased by other birds over mates … Read more

GARDEN GATE: Episode 289 – Indigenous Collection (March 22, 2024)

Indigenous Collection is a division of Canadian Art Prints. This Canadian company specializes in indigenous art by working directly with indigenous artists from across North America. All the beautiful designs are authentic and the artists are paid a royalty on each sale. We recently received some new designs of puzzles, mugs, cards, bookmarks, and stickers! … Read more

GARDEN GATE: Episode 288 – The Return of the Grackles (March 15, 2024)

It’s that time again. The grackles have returned and many people are asking how to get rid of them and the starlings. As these birds are invasive it’s a good idea to try to deter them from visiting. Here’s a few tips that can help.  As soon as they start showing up, you want to … Read more

GARDEN GATE: Episode 287 – Books From Local Authors (March 1, 2024)

Today we’re highlighting some books in the shop written by local authors! First up is Nature in the Kawarthas by the Peterborough Field Naturalists. This book presents a wealth of information about the birds, mammals, insects, flowers, reptiles and amphibians that inhabit Peterborough and the Kawarthas. This book is also a fundraiser for the Field … Read more

The American Robin

  Someone once described a day in the life of a robin as follows: Run, run, run, STOP. Run, run, run, STOP. Run, run, run, STOP. Run, run, run, STOP. There’s much contentment found in sitting quietly and watching robins. They’re keen worm finders, tilting their heads just so, to focus one eye on wormholes … Read more

GARDEN GATE: Episode 285 – Local Photographers Tracy Waddington & John Ashdown Stop By (Feb 2, 2024)

Today our guests are two Peterborough based photographers sharing their love for birds. Tracy Waddington & John Ashdown have taken many amazing pictures of birds and frequently share them with our community on a couple groups on Facebook. They are amazing photographers that like to look for birds near Trent University, along the Otonabee river, … Read more

GARDEN GATE: Episode 284 – Susan Robertson Pottery! (Jan 19, 2024)

Susan Robertson is an and artist and potter from Broderick Saskatchewan. She has been creating beautiful pieces for over 35 years. We have carried her items in the shop for many years. Her pottery is made from stoneware clay so they are dishwasher and microwave safe. We have a variety of designs available in mugs, … Read more

GARDEN GATE: Episode 283 – The best winter bird seed! (Jan 5, 2024)

The weather is getting colder and the birds are busy working hard to keep warm. Changing your seed to a hulled variety really helps them get their food quickly. It saves them energy not having to remove the shells, and also keeps things tidy at your feeders. We sell the hulled sunflower seeds, hulled peanut … Read more

GARDEN GATE: Episode 282 – Last minute gifts for bird lovers! (Dec 22, 2023)

We all have a friend or family member who is hard to shop for at Christmas time! If the don’t need or want anything but they love watching and feeding the birds, we have some ideas for you! Mixed seed trees and balls make great gifts that the birds will love as well. Top quality … Read more

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