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Garden Gate: Episode 137 – Woodstock Windchimes (April 13th, 2018)

There are a wide variety of wind chimes available on the market. We feel that the Woodstock wind chimes are the best.  These chimes are high quality and most importantly sound NICE!

We often hear that people don’t like the sound of chimes. The sound grates on their ears. Woodstock wind chimes aren’t like that. They sound beautiful because they are hand tuned and the notes of each tube work well with each other. In fact the company has musicians tune the chimes! 

Most people are looking for the deep low tones that hang in the air for a long time. The larger and longer the chime the deeper the tone. Smaller chimes with narrower tubes are higher pitched as demonstrated in this video.

Strings can also be an issue with wind chimes.  If the string is cheap, then the UV rays from the sun break them down very quickly and they break. The Woodstock chimes are very high quality with UV protected strings.  

In addition to these chimes we also carry a line that is made in Canada.  The “Island Wind” chimes, from Prince Edward Island, are also a beautiful chime although a bit more rustic looking with heavier tubes.  These chimes are hung with airplane cables so are also pretty much indestructible. There are 6 designs that we stock from deep to medium tones.

We always have a good selection with often 50+ styles to choose from. Only a small number are on our website as they come and go too frequently to keep the website accurate.  See a small selection of wind chimes by clicking this link.  Drop by to see our current selection.

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