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Garden Gate: Episode 138 – Soap stone carving kits for children (April 27th, 2018)

How it all started!  Co-founder Oliver Harwood was asked to teach an elementary school class how to carve soapstone.  The first class was a hit and grew to 33 classes in the first year. In the last two years they have grown to teach more than 10,000 students in more than 300 schools.  They have teachers in a number of cities in both Canada and the US (Vancouver, Victoria, Seattle, Tacoma, Olympia, Tenino, Toronto…)

The Kits are based on the School Carving Program. They are now coast to coast offering benefits to all ages.

Studiostone Creative was nominated into the Top 5 for Best Concept for Small Business BC in its first year. In 2018 they were awarded Best New Product of the Seattle Gift Show. The company is founded and run by three sculptors who have over 50 years combined experience as professional artists specializing in stone. Kent and Oliver trained in the City of Holy Stone, Pietrasanta, Italy as well as earning degrees in Canada from NSCAD.  Jocelyne is also a master carver from Quebec, offering our programs in French.

The kits are a wonderful alternative or compliment to digital learning and offer real benefits to people of all ages, young developing minds and motor skills to seniors who love the tactile sensory experience that connects the mind+body. The soapstone carving kits have also been taught in Mental Health agencies as an anti-anxiety de-stressor, fostering pride, self-confidence and happiness.

The end result is beautiful and every step of the process is supported.

Available in the shop or online.