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Garden Gate: Episode 74 – Clay wine cups from Burlington

CHEX TV airdate: October 16th, 5-6pm Click link to watch this episode online. EWP-Apr_07_studio_pics_009-151x240My guest on this episode of The Garden Gate is local sommelier, Christoper Wilton. ?Christopher works for a number of local restaurants both as a waiter but also helping owners and chefs to choose the right wine to go with their food offerings. ?He has an excellent knowledge of wines and it was very interesting to speak with him. We chatted about these awesome wine glasses that we carry at the shop. ?They are made from unglazed clay. The cups are made by Barbara Taylor in Burlington Ontario. She’s been making them for years and has had lots of success with them. It has been said that the clay helps to neutralize the acidity of the wine and make for a smoother drink. ?I have been testing it myself at home and found it does make the wine taste better. It also seems to helps to reduce or eliminate headaches that some people get from drinking wine. Christopher also discussed how the clay doesn’t heat up in your hand and actually cools the wine. ?Normally we are taught to hold a glass of wine by the stem of the glass so as to not heat it up with our body heat. That’s not necessary in the case of the wine cups. ?The clay naturally cools the wine down. Tune in to see this interesting episode.

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