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Garden Gate: Episode 49 – Outdoor window boxes

CHEX TV airdate: Friday Oct. 31st, 2014 Watch this episode here. DSC_0586[1]It might seem like a strange time of year to talk about window boxes. Afterall, it’s time to put our gardens to bed! Probably by now most of your annuals have been hit by the frost. ?So then why am I talking about window boxes? ?Because I want you to use them 12 months of the year! ?Of course you can fill them with beautiful flowers, but I like to use them in other seasons too. Ours at the shop have looked gorgeous for the last few years. ?I start early in the spring with some beautiful pansies as they are very cold tolerant. Then at the end of May I fill them with a variety of annuals. ?By the end of October they are usually done so I’ll fill them with lovely pine, cedar, juniper and whatever other greens I can get my hands on. teardropOur window boxes are very deep which means they hold a lot of soil. ?This is probably one of the most important characteristics of a quality window box. A deep container that holds lots of soil will help keep your plant roots cooler, hold more moisture and allow for deeper root growth. ?Small containers heat up, dry out and?plants will be less likely to do well or even survive. Note: Coco liners have been difficult to find over the last couple of years so instead we use a double layer of burlap. Our window boxes are made in Ontario by a metal worker with high quality steel, durable welds and fantastic designs. ?Walsh Mountain Ironworks at one time was located in Port Hope. ?The retail shop is now closed and the jigs and patterns sold. ?The new owner is doing a wonderful job and we are very pleased with the quality and designs. A variety of styles can be seen on our website. ?

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