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Garden Gate: Episode 179 – Ideas for Christmas (Dec 6 2019)

On this episode I share a few of our most popular Christmas gift ideas. Michel Design is a company from the US and they have designers working hard to come up with beautiful patterns and fragrances for their line of soaps, napkins, placemats, aprons and so much more. Always a customer favourite! You can find … Read more

Garden Gate: Episode 79 – Once around the shop for Christmas gift ideas


The best weeding tool ever!
The best weeding tool ever!

We’ve been helping customers pick the perfect gifts for 13 years so have a pretty good idea of what people like and are looking for. We love what we do and really are “here to help!” On this episode I give you a few ideas for dad, mom, kids and friends. Pop in the shop and we can give you some ideas for that special someone on your list. Lots of Canadian made too! ? Click link to watch this episode online.

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