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Garden Gate: Episode 78 – Squirrel Busters

sb+CHEX TV airdate: December 11th, 2015 5-6pm Squrrel Buster Bird feeders Yes, they really are squirrel proof! Guaranteed! We have been carrying the Squirrel Buster line of bird feeders for MANY years. ?People are initially skeptical about the feeders, but once they see how well they work, they love them! There are 7 different styles available including 5 for mixed seed, 1 for finch seed and 1 for peanuts. You can keep all of your birds happy and even exclude a few that you enjoy less. Squirrels will try to get into the seed but are unable to get anything so give up! You know how smart they are! If they can’t get food they’re going to go someplace else to have their dinner! Watch this episode to learn more about these awesome feeders.

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