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Richard Mund – Potter

For the past 22 years Richard’s focus has been on making decorated functional pottery.  When he is creating, he tries to make the surface feel fresh and rich in colour.  His pieces are intended to be used in a domestic environment so he keeps forms generally simple while being considerate of weight, attention to detail and surface form relationship.  He draws cues from historical models and inject contemporary ideas/innovations.

We carry 3 of Richard’s products

Flower Frogs
Just about every floral designer has used flower frogs. The original version was a heavy metal item of spikes that were fastened into the bottom of a bowl. Flowers were inserted into the spikes to hold them in place. This flower frog can be set on a mason jar and flowers easily put in the holes to create a beautiful loose arrangement of flowers.

Soap dishes
These soaps dishes are designed so that your bar of soap dries between uses and doesn’t get soft. Available is a variety of soft colours. A beautiful touch for a kitchen or bathroom.

Plant nannies
These porous clay pieces are inserted into plant pots and fitted with a long necked bottle filled with water. Perfect way to keep plants watered.

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