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Garden Gate: Episode 97 – Answering your questions (Sept. 9, 2016)

CHEX TV air date: Sept. 9th, 2016
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Photo: Theresa Binkley
Photo: Theresa Binkley

My Garden Gate episodes are often inspired by what birds we’re seeing, products that have recently arrived or questions from customers!  So on this episode I will answer two timely questions.

First off, how to keep wasps and yellow jackets out of hummingbird feeders! They are rampant this year and are chasing the hummingbirds away from the feeders.  Quite a number of customers are having the same problem.

Secondly, why do birds keep flicking seeds out of bird feeders!  It’s very annoying and wasteful.

Tune into this episode to find out the answers to these “burning” questions!

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