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Garden Gate: Episode 94 – Sun protection with Dr. Salvaterra (July 22, 2016)


CHEX TV airdate: July 22nd, 5-6pm
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Oh the heat!  Oh the sun!  Who would have thought we could be complaining about too much sun after the last couple of winters we’ve endured!? But, under our breath we complain (a little).

Be aware! The occurrence of sun burns and skin cancer is on the rise! Peterborough having one of the worst skin cancer rates in Canada!

Dr. Salvaterra from Peterborough Public Health (PPH) shares great information on protecting yourself from sunburns and dehydration during this episode of The Garden Gate.  PPH also offer lots of information on their website here.


Wear a hat!  The best hat has a thick weave, large brim and, if possible, are made with solar weave fabric! These characteristics will block both the UVA and UVB rays and prevent sunburn. Wear sunscreen. Work in the shade. Wear quality sunglasses to protect your eyes.  

Practical Design Heat GuardAnother great item to help keep you cool is a heat guard neck tie.  These ingenious items contain special crystals, that when soaked for 20 minutes can keep you cool for days. Lots of beautiful fun fabrics to choose from! See a small sampling on our website. Many more in the shop.

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