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Garden Gate: Episode 93 – Clay wine cups & garlic pots with Artist Barbara Taylor (July 8, 2016)


CHEX TV airdate: July 8th, 2016
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My guest on this episode of The Garden Gate is Barbara Taylor from Earthworks Pottery in Burlington. Barbara specializes in non-glazed clay products for the home.

Barbara has been making these items for many years and has had lots of success with them.

The clay helps to neutralize the acidity of the wine and make for a smoother drink. I have been testing it myself at home and found it does make the wine taste better. It also helps to reduce or eliminate headaches that some people get from drinking wine.

The clay doesn’t heat up in your hand and actually cools the wine. Normally we are taught to hold a glass of wine by the stem  so as to not heat it up with our body heat. That’s not necessary in the case of these clay wine cups. The clay naturally cools the wine down.

EWP-Apr_07_studio_pics_013-147x82In addition to the wine cups we have brie bakers, a wine cooler, microwave cake baker, garlic pots and earwig traps!

Tune in to see this interesting episode.

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