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Garden Gate: Episode 89 – Michael Measure from FLAP

CHEX TV airdate: May 13th, 2016

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Michael Measure directpr from FLAP (Fatal Light Awareness Program) is my guest on this episode of The Garden Gate.


An estimated 1 to 10 birds die per building, per year. The City of Toronto has over 950,000 registered buildings that could potentially kill over 9 million birds each year. Across North America, the estimated number of migrating birds killed annually in collisions with buildings ranges from 100 million to 1 billion birds.

Windows are everywhere: in our homes, offices, stores, restaurants, vehicles, bus shelters…everywhere. Many ornithologists now claim that collisions with human-built structures are the leading cause of migratory bird mortality in North America.

North America sits beneath four of the world’s busiest migratory bird corridors: the Pacific, Central, Mississippi and Atlantic Flyways. The Mississippi and Atlantic Flyways send birds across and around the Great Lakes. This natural passage offers visual cues for birds to follow and provides major stopover areas where birds rest and feed throughout their journey.

Tragically, coastlines that were once unobstructed to migration are now obstructed by the tall, lighted office towers and reflective buildings of our urban areas—a deadly obstacle course for migrating birds.

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Join us on this episode and also visit to learn how you can help prevent bird deaths from window strikes.