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Garden Gate: Episode 229-Heated bird baths (Nov. 19, 2021)

Winters in Canada are tough on birds. They spend all their time looking for food, water and shelter. Anything that we can do to help these beautiful little creatures is a good thing and will help them to survive the cold nights.

Birds must eat from dawn until dusk just to survive the -30C nights. Suet and oiled seeds like sunflower and peanuts help, but having easy access to water is also a great help! Heated bird baths provide water when most sources are inaccessible or frozen. Birds can melt snow but this takes a lot of physical energy which is valuable to the birds survival.

The bird baths can be attached to a wooden deck rail or set in the ground with the stake that is included. The model I show in this segment only uses 70 watts of power so is quite energy efficient. Watch the video for more information.

Photo Courtesy Mike Barker

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