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Garden Gate: Episode 208 – Building a squirrel proof bird feeding station (Jan 29, 2020)

Setting up a squirrel proof bird feeding station can be done! You just need to be smarter than the squirrels! And I think you are!

Squirrels can climb poles, clothes lines, shepherds hooks and they can jump up 4-5′. Squirrels can also launch themselves 10-12′ from deck rails, gazebos, your roof, trees, clothes lines etc. Once you know these limitations you can set up your bird feeding station in the right location and with the proper accessories.

We carry these wonderful pole systems that can be purchased in pieces so you can set up just what you need, but you can also add accessories as you develop your love for bird watching. Watch this short segment to learn more.

Also, see a glimpse of the 100’s of redpolls we’ve been enjoying at our bird feeding station.

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