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Garden Gate: Episode 207 – Photography tips (Jan 15, 2021)

It’s fun to watch the birds but it’s also great to be able to photograph them to share with friends and family. Cell phones are ok, but having a good camera with an additional zoom lens makes your pictures even more interesting. My go to camera shop is Peterborough Photo in downtown Peterborough. The staff and owner are very helpful and will guide you to the right camera for your ability and situation.

Photographing birds especially when they’re unfamiliar to you can help you identify a new visitor to your garden! In addition to focusing on the bird, it’s makes for a better photograph if you can also look at what is in the background. Shifting the camera right or left can often make the difference between an ok image and a spectacular one.

It’s easy to photograph birds on your feeders, but again the image can be improved when the bird is in a more natural setting. Setting up a stump or natural looking log near to your feeders and spreading a little seed or suet can help you capture that knock out pic!

Thanks to Tanya Jones for sharing some of her beautiful pictures for this segment.