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Garden Gate: Episode 132 – Cold winter/Warm birds with guest Gary Cowie (Jan. 19th, 2018)

Have you ever wondered how birds stay warm during cold winters? We have had some very cold days and nights this year!

Birds need coniferous trees and shrubs to hide in at night and when winds pick up. Trees like Cedar, Spruce, Pine and Yews. Even just a few of these added to your landscape can make a big difference.

Another option is to add Roosting boxes! These bird boxes are meant for birds to snuggle up together and share heat. On this episode Gary Cowie from Animal House Creations tells us about his roosting boxes. He also makes wonderful bird boxes for small and large birds.

In addition to bird boxes, heated bird baths offer easy access water all season long. This means birds don’t have to use their valuable energy to melt snow but still get the moisture they need. And of course keep your bird feeders full of a good variety of seeds to ensure they get enough food to produce warming energy to stay warm.

Check out this segment to learn more.

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