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Garden Gate: Episode 104 – Ethically made Christmas ornaments and pillows

CHEX TV airdate: Friday Dec. 9th at 6:50am, and 5:20pm and Monday Dec. 12th at 12:30pm
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If our products aren’t Canadian made or US made we aim to ensure that they are fair trade or ethically hand made.  We’ve been carrying these these beautiful  items are just that, ethically handmade items for over 3 years and they’ve been very well loved ever since.

They have lots of details including some beautiful bead work. Each one is slightly different.  The longer you look at them the more you see. They’re humorous as well. You can’t help but smile…

The pillows make great gifts for seniors in smaller homes or apartments etc.


Being Ethically made, the artist’s work in their homes at whatever pace works for them. Some artists may have disabilities that prevent them from working in a more traditional role, so making these beautiful items gives them an income.

Learn more and see some examples of these beautiful pieces by watching this short segment.


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