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Garden Gate: Episode 62 – Wind chimes

CHEX TV airdate: May 1st, 2015 Click link to watch this episode online. chimes of marsWe carry some wonderful wind chimes from Woodstock Wind chimes. The owner of Woodstock chimes, Gary Kvistad is a highly trained musician with a number of music degrees. ?Read more about Gary on the Woodstock chimes website. ?These chimes are tuned by musicians so the tones are appealing to your ears! ?(Not annoying like some can be.) Each chime comes with a card showing which notes make up each chime. Customers love the deep tones of some of the larger chimes. ?The larger and longer tubes produce the deepest tones. ?These deep tones hang longer in the air than the higher pitched chimes. ?Smaller chimes sound almost magical. The tubes are made from aluminum so are very long lasting and won’t rust. ?The strings are also very strong and when properly cared for last for many many years. We carry the largest selection of top quality wind chimes in the area. Drop by soon to test a few out!