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Rosebank Studios

The sculptor behind Rosebank studios was Peter Buerschaper.  Peter is known for being a wildlife artist, drawing, painting, graphic design,  and was an art department head and curator at the Royal Ontario Museum.  Peter traveled the world acquiring items for the museum. His travels also inspired the sculptor in him.

After his retirement he began sculpting and started Rosebank studios. The Avant-Garden Shop carried his pieces for a number of years and when Peter retired again and was closing his business, two owners decided to purchase the molds and make the pieces themselves. Again retirement followed and now a young woman just outside of Peterborough is making the sculptures from her home studio.  The pieces continue to be good sellers and wonderful additions to customers gardens.

Rosebank studios is based in Peterborough and creates beautiful concrete sculptures which can be placed outdoors in your garden. These one of a kind pieces each have their own unique characteristics. They are made to look like rusted cast iron, aged copper, bronze or more natural.

See this artists work here.