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Peter Baker – Island Winds, Prince Edward Island

Peter BakerFor a guy who does not claim to be very musical, Peter Baker has managed to bring a lot of music into people’s lives.

For the last 20 years, Peter has been making wind chimes at his studio situated atop the hills of South Granville – one of the windiest locations on Prince Edward Island.

Peter developed a taste for rural life while working in Vermont. A holiday visit to P.E.I. with his family, in 1971, convinced him to live the rural life Island-style. In the early 1980s he began producing wind chimes with his brother. At the time, people were not familiar with them, but they soon became very popular.

Today, Baker operates his business from a converted barn not far from the old farmhouse he bought when he came to the Island, and where he still lives.

In the first year of production, Baker turned out 1,000 wind chimes.

Click here to see Peter’s windchimes.

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