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Nick Butts – Madoc Rocks and Samantha Butts – Quarry Cut Designs

Nick Butts Coasters

Nick Butts CoastersThis family-owned Madoc, Ontario business evolved from Rick Butts interest in nature and rocks, and a background in artistic expression.

The unique patterns and colours in the rock are indications of the mineral diversity of the area, which is at the edge of the Canadian Shield. With beauty and art in the rocks, these original design coasters are finished with an epoxy coating to enhance the natural beauty of the marble. Designs include pine trees, wolves, loons, deer, great blue herons and plain coasters that display the beauty of the marble in many shades.

Colour and pattern vary from piece to piece. These unique coasters are finished on the bottom with felt and make an beautiful and yet practical gift.

With an eye towards recycling unused pieces of the rock, Quarry Cut Designs was born by Nicks daughter Samantha. Using the same Canadian Shield rock, these one of a kind necklaces capture the beauty of their stone on a fun, bold canvas.

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