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Fall south! Migration is underway

Fall migration has begun.

If you’re up after dark on a clear night, step outside and listen. You might hear the thin or burry chips of migrating birds’ contact calls overhead, which they use to keep together while flying south under the cover of darkness.

Songbirds fly at night for a few reasons. They use stars (among other cues) to navigate. They are safer from visual predators in the dark. Their core temperatures are higher than ours, and cooler nighttime temperatures help keep them from overheating as they work so hard through the night.

When they land in the pre-dawn, they’re exhausted and hungry. If you step outside in the morning, you might see or hear species that you’ve never encountered before or haven’t seen in a while.

Migration takes a TON of energy! If you want to help the birds out, be sure to keep your feeders filled with high-quality food – that is, food that’s high in quality nutrients and low in inedible or undigestible fillers. Our food is this and more: it’s also non-GMO and Btk-free. Be sure also to clean the feeders every week to prevent mold and the spread of disease. Blue Jays and woodpeckers love peanuts and suet , so it’s time to start putting them out again if you aren’t now.

We carry a large selection of feeders, including the super popular compressed seed cylinder feeders. These inexpensive seed cylinders refill available in a variety of seed blends. Once customers see how much the birds enjoy them, many buy 3 or 4 at a time 🙂