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Garden Gate: Episode 81 – How do our winters affect the birds?

Heated Bird Bath with Cedar Waxwings

Heated Bird Bath with Cedar WaxwingsCHEX TV airdate: Friday January 22nd (5-6pm)

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Again I was joined by Erica Nol, Biology professor from Trent University.

We talked about how the weather (both good and bad) affects what birds we see in our backyards. Do warm winters mean more birds stick around? Do the long cold nights affect the birds?

This year we had a very warm (and green) Christmas season. Golfers were out as last as Christmas Day!  Does this mean that the birds don’t migrate?  And why do we see robins some winters and not others.  The same thing can be asked about Blue Jays.  Some years we see them and some years we don’t.

Tune in to this episode for all the answers!